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It means you throw with the left hand, so you need a glove to fit the right hand.

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Q: What does left throw mean when buying a softball glove?
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Which hand do you wear a batting glove?

On what hand you wear your baseball glove depends. If you throw with your right hand you need the glove on your left hand. If you throw with your left hand you need a glove on your right or as others call it, a left hand glove.

Does a left handed glove go on your left hand or does that mean if you are left handed get this glove?

If you are left handed, you throw the baseball with your left hand, so in this case the left handed glove goes on a left handed persons right hand so they catch with glove on right hand and then pull the ball out of mitt and throw with left hand. - It means if you are left handed get this glove but you will wear it on your right hand.

Can a girl play fastpitch softball with a cast on?

well it depends on what hand she is like in left and right and what hand she broke she really could not bat though or throw if she wore a glove

What is the ideal position in catching a fly ball in softball?

In softball the ideal position would be running from behind the point where the ball is going to land to get momentum to throw the ball. Your glove should be about chest high and off to your right hand side if you are a righty (off to you left if you are lefty). Your throwing hand should be near you glove so that you an catch the ball with two hands, quickly retrieve the ball from your glove, and throw to the necessary base to try to get another out.

What type of baseball or softball glove would you need to where if you throwing left handed?

well first off do you mean throwing with your left hand and if so you need a glove for your right hand

In softball do you catch with your left and throw with your right?

For right handed people they do catch with their left and throw with their right. For left handed people, they catch with their right and throw with their left. Both players have to potential to bat from either side of the plate.

If your left handed what hand should you wear a Baseball glove?

You should wear the glove on your right hand....because you have to throw and bat with ur left hand

What type of glove do you need if you throw with right hand?

You need a glove that goes on the left hand, because your right hand is used for throwing.

Should right-handed players wear a baseball glove on the left or right hand?

If you are right handed your glove would be on youe left hand and you would throw the baseball with your right hand.

What hand do you wear a baseball glove if you're right handed?

You wear a baseball glove on your right hand if you are right handed. If you're right handed, then you throw with your right hand. Therefore, you wear your glove on your left hand.

What leg steps when you are pitching fastpitch softball?

It depends wheather you are a rightie or a leftie. If you throw with your right hand, you should have your left foot forward when you release the ball. So take either one step with your left foot, or two steps right, left. (that's what I do.) If you throw with your left, do the opposite

What is a sentence with the word glove?

If the glove won't fit, you must acquit. I think she purposely dropped her glove. Is that the right or left glove?

What golf glove should I wear if I'm a left handed golfer - left or right?

You should wear a right handed glove if you are left handed.

If you turn a left handed baseball glove inside out will it be a right handed glove?

Yes, in the sense that it will now be contoured for your right hand. No, in the sense that it will still be a left-handed glove; just a left handed glove that due to manipulation now fits better on the right hand.

Is Michael Jackson glove on right or left?

Michael Jackson's glove was worn on his right hand.

What is a reg hockey goalie catch glove?

It means that the glove is for the left hand of the goalie. Since most goalies have their catch glove on their left hand, it is considered "regular." If the goalie uses their right hand for their catch glove, it is considered "full right."

What does left hand throw mean?

it means if a left-handed person throws the ball it is called a "left-hand throw."

If you turn a right-handed glove inside out will it be a right-handed glove or will it now be a left handed one?

AnswerIt would fit your left hand.

What does LOB mean in softball batting stats?

Left on base.

What hand was Michael Jackson's glove on?

His left hand.

What is a slapper in fastpitch softball?

A slapper is a batter that moves up on the ball when she is hitting to "slap" it into a hole in the infield then beat the throw to first base. A slapper is generally very fast and bats left-handed.

What golf glove should you choose if you are a left handed golfer - left or right?

Not sure

Was Michael Jackson's glove sequined on both sides?

no. it was sequined on one side. the back of the glove was left alone.

Does a 1991 dodge dynasty have a fuse box?

Open the glove box door and remove a cover on the left side to access.Open the glove box door and remove a cover on the left side to access.

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