What does left hand throw mean?

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it means if a left-handed person throws the ball it is called a "left-hand throw."

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Q: What does left hand throw mean?
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What does left throw mean when buying a softball glove?

It means you throw with the left hand, so you need a glove to fit the right hand.

Does a left handed glove go on your left hand or does that mean if you are left handed get this glove?

If you are left handed, you throw the baseball with your left hand, so in this case the left handed glove goes on a left handed persons right hand so they catch with glove on right hand and then pull the ball out of mitt and throw with left hand. - It means if you are left handed get this glove but you will wear it on your right hand.

Which hand did Steve young throw with?

Left hand.

Which hand did Lou Gehrig throw with?

Lou Gehrig used his left hand to throw.

Which hand do you wear a batting glove?

On what hand you wear your baseball glove depends. If you throw with your right hand you need the glove on your left hand. If you throw with your left hand you need a glove on your right or as others call it, a left hand glove.

Does Brad Hand throw right or left?

MLB player Brad Hand throws left.

What hand does Michael Vick throw a football with?


Does Jackie Robinson throw and hit with his right hand or left hand?


Does Jackie Robinson throw with his right or left?

his right hand

What hand does mark sanchez use to throw football?

He is left handed

If your left handed what hand should you wear a Baseball glove?

You should wear the glove on your right hand....because you have to throw and bat with ur left hand

What foot do you step with when throwing?

the opposite foot of the hand you throw with in most cases so if you throw with your right hand then you step with your left foot and vice versa.

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