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It's the polka dot jersey, white with red dots. It's awarded to the "king of the mountains", the rider who has been fastest uphill.

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Q: What does le maillot a pois rouge mean in the tour de france?
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What does Le maillot a pois mean?

It means the jersey / riding top (le maillot) with spots (a pois) red spots = (a pois rouge) In the cycling competition the Tour de France, the winner of the mountain challenge wears a white jersey with red spots and is familiarly called 'le maillot à pois'

Who was the winner for the best climber in the 2002 Tour de France?

Laurent Jalabert won the polka dot jersey (maillot Ã? pois rouges) in 2002.

What does Des pois mean in French?

"des pois" are "peas" in French.

What does petite pois mean?

petits pois is the name for peas in French.

What colour is the jersey the king of the mountains wears?

According to Wikipedia: The "King of the Mountains" wears a white jersey with red dots (maillot à pois rouges), referred to as the "polka dot jersey".

What does pois mean in french?

"Pois" means "weight" in French when used as a standalone word. It can also refer to "peas" in the context of food.

What does faite de pois mean in French?

'made of peas'

How do you say peas in French?

"peas" is "petit pois" in French ("petits pois" for pl.) "split peas" is "pois cassés".

How do you spell the color of peas in French?

'the color of peas' is 'la couleur des (petits) pois' in French. The color 'green' is spelled 'vert / verte' in French. Les petits pois sont rouges (the sweet peas are red) is a French pun on "poisson rouge" meaning golden fishes.

What is the name of the Yellow Jersey worn by the winner of the tour de France?

Maillot Jaune; Yellow Jersey (Leader)Maillot Vert; Green Jersey (Sprint Leader)Maillot à pois rouges; Red Polka dot Jersey (King of the Mountain, Leader)Maillot Blanc; White Jersey (Worn the best rider under 25)Maillot Jaune; Is the name of the Yellow Jersey worn by the leader of Tour de France'Note*: the winner of days stage will wear the Maillot Jaune and take bows, but he may not be the overall race leader so although he will wear it temporarily for the stage Victory. He will be juxtaposed by the (GC) General Classifications leader and the (GC) will take the stage last and wear the Maillot Jaune the next day during the next stage event as the overall General Classifications leader of the Tour de France; And the Stuffed Lion is held up as well;The Green Jersey is called the "The maillot vert" in the Tour De France;This is worn by leader of the sprint stages in the tourThe Red Polka Dot Jersey; is worn by the (King of the Mountain)This jersey is worn by the best climber on tours mountain stages;This is also known as the Mecca of cycling;L'''Alpe-''d'Huez; is one of the most notorious yet beautiful stages of the Tour de France, as it will make hero's out ofthe very few who are the true champions and it has the power to return those otherwise pretenders from whence they came~Red Polka dot Jersey; is called the maillot à pois rouges;The White Jersey; is called the Maillot Blanc;To note; There have been several historical jerseys worn throughout the history of the Tour de France';'''' Previously, there was a red jersey; for points awarded to the first three to pass intermediate points during the stage. These sprints also scored points towards the green jersey and bonuses towards the overall classification. The sprints remain, with points for the green jersey. The red jersey was abolished in 1989 There was also a combination jersey; scored on a points system based on standings for the yellow, green, red, and polka-dot jerseys.The design was a patchwork, with areas resembling each individual jersey design. This was abolished in the same year as the red jersey.The rider who has taken most time is called the lanterne rouge and in past years sometimes carried a small red light beneath his saddle; Such was sympathy that he could command higher fees in the round-the-houses races that followed the Tour. The custom died along with the races. For some years the organizers experimented with sending home the last rider every day, to encourage more competitive racing.Added as a matter of interest;During the coverage of the race the announcers often refer to race as the Peloton';Peloton; The main densely packed group of cyclists in a race.

What does pois du poul mean?

Nothing with this spelling or pronunciation. Please rephrase your transcript or provide more context. "pois" = "pea", "poids" = "weight" "du" = "of the" "pouls" = "pulse"

What is Saint-Pois's population?

Saint-Pois's population is 528.