What does jerk wad mean?

Updated: 9/21/2023
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Q: What does jerk wad mean?
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What is the coraline nike dunks code?

too late....... it was Jerk Wad!! -Sammy

What is the code at the end of the coraline movie?

Jerk Wad... but it's to late.. -Sammy

What does dip wad mean?

when u have a dip in a wad

What does 'durka durka' mean?

"jerk jerk"

What does jerk mean in math?

Jerk is the derivative of acceleration.

Does jk mean jerk?

Jk does not mean jerk. Jk is a shorthand for just kidding.

What does it mean to twerk with a jerk?

to jerk anyone while dancing

What are some words that end with wad?

fook wad dick wad bob wad meat wad

What does the letters WAD mean?

In a software context... Working as Designed

What does the dance move jerk mean?

the dance jerk means that you always have to jerk backwards quickly to stay on rhythm.

What does guote mean?

your are jerk

What is a classy English word for jerk?

It would depend on how you are using it. If you mean 'jerk' as in 'pull', then 'tug', 'yank', 'wrench' or 'jolt' may fit the bill. If you mean 'jerk' as slang to degrade a person, then 'scoundrel', 'villain', 'blackguard', 'bounder', or 'cad' could fit the bill. If you mean 'jerk' as in 'jerk off', then the word would be 'masturbate'.