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If your a good College Basketball player (or on rare occasion high school), NBA teams will look at you and can draft you in the NBA draft (when all the NBA teams pick players from college or highschool).

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Q: What does it take to get into the NBA?
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the nba take 50 players a year, and 20 out the nba

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NBA games take place all over the USA in different arenas.

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the nba lakers take nba training field and other teams but i have to say nba fields are not for the warriors jazz or magics

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The NBA 2013 Mock Draft takes place throughout the course of the NBA season. It is not a real draft but rather consists of a compilation of college players listed as to where sports analysts predict which NBA team will recruit when the official NBA Draft is held.

Can you dunk in the NBA?

Yes, you can dunk in the NBA. Players dunk all the time. Take LeBron James, Dwight Howard, or Amare Stoudemire.

Is NBA basketball played in February?

Yes, it is. The NBA season starts around Halloween (give or take a few days) and ends around April 20th (again, give or take a few days).

What does it take to be in the NBA?

To be an NBA player, you have to have the proper training. You should be popular enough to be recognized in your area or as big as your country. You should have the talent and skills of a tough and tall NBA player.skill , hardwork, and practice

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