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Roller skates :D

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Q: What does it take to build a roller skating rink?
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How long does it take for roller skates to be shipped to a skating rink?

12 years

Where does figure skating take place in?

an ice rink.

What Things can i do with my teenage girlfriend?

It totally depends on how old you are,maybe take her to the cinemas and always pay for her,roller rink,ice skating,shopping,walking a dog,walks whatever you do don't change she loves you for who you are!

Where can mothers take their daughters?

Mothers can take their daughters to the zoo, swimming pool, gym, skating rink, and concerts.

How to Get the Most Out Of a Visit To a Skating Rink?

Skating is a great way to enjoy some time alone or with someone special. Spending a couple of hours skating leisurely can be very relaxing and help melt away stress. Skating also has the added benefit of being a good form of cardio exercise, so it definitely falls under the category of a healthy activity. If you would like to either go ice skating or roller skating but need advice on some different things you can do to have fun while at the rink, read the tips below: • If you’ve never been to a skating rink before, there are a few basic things you should know. The first is that you won’t have to worry about having your own skates because just about every skating rink has skates you can rent for a few dollars. The second is that if you are just learning how to skate, you’ll have plenty of room on the rink to practice and learn on your own while you’re away from others who are already more experienced. • For those who know how to skate, we suggest doing more than just skating in a circle around the rink for a few hours. You can practice figure skating moves in the center of the ice away from everyone else, or you can head to the rink during open hockey sessions and practice your hockey skills. Most rinks have either stick-and-puck sessions or drop-in hockey sessions that allow you to participate in playing hockey at different levels. The stick-and-puck sessions allow you to leisurely skate and shoot a hockey puck, while a drop-in hockey session requires you to dress out in full hockey gear and participate in a game of pickup hockey. These sessions are held at both ice and roller rinks. • To enhance your skating experience, head to an outdoor rink in a beautiful park or a serene setting and all your senses will be heightened. This is the perfect place to take a date or a friend from out of town that you want to impress. • Engaging in safe competition with friends is a good way to have some fun at a skating rink. You and a buddy can get at opposite ends of the rink and see who can skate the fastest or which of you is the best at skating backwards. You can get creative to have additional fun as long as you aren’t breaking any rules or compromising your safety or the safety of others on the rink. There are many things you can do on a lazy weekend afternoon or evening, but skating at a skating rink is one of the most relaxing and healthiest choices you can make.

Where is a fun place for parents to take children?

Parents can go to a park, a swiming pool, the YMCA, skating rink, or minature golf course.

The best place to take a guy friend to hang out?

either one of your houses or the movies if ur lookin to hook up and or the skating rink

How do people participate in figure skating?

There are a lot of ways to participate in figure skating! For one, you could find a rink near you, and skate there on open skate days. You could also take lessons, or join a team and participate.

What to take and wear on a inside roller skating field trip?

maybe extra cash and jeans an tshirt long socks pony tail

Can you go into space on roller coaster tycoon 3?

Yes you have to use the cheat for no limits on roller coaster height and then build your roller coaster extremely high (it will take ages) then ride it and you leave earth eventually.

Which is not a good reason to take lessons in a sport?

Lessons are never a bad thing to take... unless you do not want to further your skills. There are some sports that require minimal lessons, however, such as roller skating.

Who was the architect for the new skating rink for the 2010 Olympics?

I take it you are talking about the Richmond oval.It was developed by a team or architects, rather than by just one.Cannon Designs is the name of the firm. out of Grand Island, NY.