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In the United States, to become a board certified Sports medicine physician, one must complete high school, undergraduate education, medical school, 3-4 years of residency and then a 1 or 2 year fellowship in Sports medicine.

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Q: What does it take to become a sports medicine physician?
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What majors do you need to take to become a physician in sports and medicine?


How do you become a profeesor of medicine?

You go to college and medical school and then residency to become a practicing physician. Then you take a position where you teach medical students or residents.

What classes do you need to take sports medicine?

Take an English class.. Medicine*

What responsibilities do you need to become a profession in sports medicine?

What responsibilities do you need, to become a profession in sports medicine?/ Is there a license needed to perform sports medicineTo become a sports medicine physician you are required to complete an undergraduate degree that typically take 4 years, 4 years of medical school, a residency program usually in family medicine or internal medicine, then complete a 1-2 year fellowship program in sports medicine. To be able to accomplish all this schooling you have to be an organized, hardworking individual. Most medical students complete a four-year undergraduate degree in biology, exercise science, chemistry, and a variety of other degrees. Really it doesn

How long does it take to become an emergency medicine physician?

In the United States, after graduation from high school and college, it takes a minimum of 7 years to become an Emergency physician: 4 years of medical school (MD or DO) and 3 or 4 years of residency training. In order to become board certified in Emergency medicine, it takes another 2 years, on average. As you see, becoming a board certified Emergency medicine physician is a 7-9 year endeavor, after college graduation.

What kind of degree do you need to become a sports medicine Dr.?

You would need a medical degree. how long dose it take and what kind of classes do you need to take

Can you take a medicine if you have a mold allergy?

It depends on the medicine. You should see your primary care physician and speak to him/her about what medicine you'd like to take, and if it would effect your mold allergy.

What is a sports medicine physician?

What is a sports medicine physician? A sports medicine physician is a medical doctor that has specialized training to deal with the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of injury and disease while promoting lifelong fitness and wellness. They serve as the leader of the sports medicine team. Sports medicine physicians obtain a 4 year undergraduate degree followed by a 4 year medical degree. Following completion off medical school, these doctors enter residency and specialize in a variety of fields including family medicine, internal medicine, emergency medicine, pediatrics, physical medicine and rehabilitation. These residencies range from 3-4 years in length and followed by 1-2 years of additional training in a sports medicine fellowship. Board certified physicians are then eligible to take an exam to become certified in sports medicine. In the United States, physicians earn a certificate of added qualifications in sports medicine (CAQSM). Testing is offered twice annually and recertification occurs in the 9th or 10th year of the certificate. Once completing their training, sports medicine physicians serve as the head of the sports medicine team which includes athletic trainers, physical therapists, nutritionists and other health professionals. Common problems that sports medicine physicians are trained in treating include acute injuries such as fractures, ligament tears, cartilage damage as well as chronic conditions such as tendonitis, bursitis, as well as stress fractures. They also have training in other aspects of sports medicine including mild traumatic brain injury, nutrition, supplementation, exercise performance, and injury prevention. Many sports medicine physicians serve as team physicians for local or national teams/clubs involving amateur and professional athletes. Duties under this role include pre-participation physicals, injury assessment/management, strength training/conditioning, medical coverage of events, and education. A sports medicine physician serves a unique role in the field of health care and provides a variety of services to both professional and amateur athletes. References:

How many years does it take to become a physician?

== ==

What happens it you take medicine and you do not need it?

That depends on the medicine you take and how much of it you have taken. The best suggestion in this circumstance would be to consult your physician or poision control hotline.

Who are part of sports medicine?

Certified Athletic Trainer, A,T.,C. who is responsible for recognizing, reconditioning and preventing athletic injuries. EMT Emergency medical technician/Paramedic take care of severe injuries, transport to hospital, work with Athletic Trainer and Emergency room Physician for acute care of injured athlete. Physical Therapist, specializing in sports medicine A physician who specializes in sports injuries A surgeon who specializes in surgically repairing sports injuries.

How many years does it take to become a ER Physician?

Ask an er physician then you-ll know

How long does it usually take a medicine doctor to get a degree in medicine?

To get a degree in medicine: If you mean in your question how long does it take to become a "doctor" or "physician" or have "Dr." in front of your name, well then it takes 4 years of college, and then 4 years of medical school. When you graduate you will be a medical physician. To first be able to get a degree in medicine, you need to complete your GCSE at A-C in all subjects. Then you will need to take biology and chemistry at A level and AS level. Then you need to take the medical degree at a University. And then you have your degree. It will take you at least five years or more but it will be worth it! :D

How you can treat a small girl which is suffering from seizure what medicine can you give?

Unless you are a physician, there is no medicine that you can give her. Take her to a doctor and get them to prescribe what she needs.

How long does it take to major in sports medicine?

An associate degree in sports medicine generally takes two-years. During the coursework, students learn sports nutrition, physiological aspects of sports science and medicine, and learn how to assess injuries and provide therapy for rehabilitation purposes.

What does it take to be an Anesthesiologists?

You must become a physician and then go back to school to become an Anesthesiologist.

How long does it take to become a emergency physician?

9 years

How many years do it take for sports medicine degree?


What medicine can pregnant women take?

You can take tylenol, that is all and for amount you can take consult you physician, no gravol unless doctor okays it, no allergy or cold/flu pills/med, check with physician for asthma medication.

What major should you take in college to become a Physician Assistant?

There is no specific major that is needed to become a Physician Assistant. However, majoring in Biology or Chemistry would be helpful.

What medicine can i not take on probation?

You cannot take any medication that is not prescribed by a physician, or any over-the-counter med that you may be abusing.

Do you need a PhD in order to become a surgeon?

No, in order to become a surgeon, a medical student must obtain either the Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine (D.O.) degree or Doctor of Medicine (M.D.) degree after four years of medical school. Additionally, to become a surgeon the physician must go on to be licensed and undergo residency training and this process can take several years to complete.

Do I need training for physician assistant jobs?

To become a physician assistant, you must have a bachelor degree, and some experience in the medical field. After that, you can take an educational degree to become a physician assistant. It usually takes about 2 years.

What kind of courses should I take up to become a professional physician assistant and get a decent job?

To become Physician assistant you should take the following courses, Biochemistry,Pathology,Anatomy,Physiology,Disease prevention, Pharmacology. For more info visit

What precautions are required with erythromycins?

Symptoms should begin to improve within a few days of beginning to take this medicine. If they do not, or if they get worse, check with the physician who prescribed the medicine.

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