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Q: What does it means number of points needed to win a game in badminton?
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What is the meaning of seed in badminton?

A seed in badminton means a badminton player .

In badminton you must win the game by at least how many points?

You must win the game by 2 clear points this means 21 - 20 could not be a winning score it would have to be 22 - 20

What is the unit rate of 44 points in 4 quarters?

I am not sure what you mean, but if you divide the number of points by the number of quarters, you get the rate, as points/quarters. Whatever that means.

What requires better reaction time...Badminton or Call of Duty games?

Badminton in means of physical reflexes, Call of Duty in means of mental and viewing reflexes.

What does bird means in badminton?

It means the shuttlecock, which players try to hit with their rackets.

What is the meaning of poona in Badminton sports?

this term means cow

What does it mean if a guy winks and points at you?

it probably means he likes you if we winks and points at you. let's say, he needed help on an answer and you helped him and then he winked and pointed at you... ! I don't know, he probably likes you.

What is the maximum score for a badminton game?

The BWF Badminton Super Series Championship it suppose to play 21 points. If you are normal playing with you friends or you parents if you like it you can play 11 or also 21 points. Normally ,when you are normal playing everybody will play 11 points.

How many points is badminton played to?

20, the same as in singles. However the winning team must be two points clear of the losers, or the game continues until one side reaches 30. This means that a side cannot win 20 - 19, but must continue to 21-19 and so on.

What is the maximum number of electrons needed in a cation?

In order for it to be a cation, the maximum number of electrons it can have is one less than the number of protons. I don't know what "needed" means in this context, but hopefully that answers what you were trying to ask.

What is the socioeconomic status of a badminton player?

a 19th century Scotsman named George McCaber. Who came up with the name while playing chess with his friend his original name was Badminton caravan witch means game with stick it was later shortened to badminton in 1867 by George.

What are all the stuff you need for badminton?

A net, 2-4 racquets and a means to mark out the court.