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you are pregnant or you are about to breastfeed.

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Q: What does it mean when you squeeze your nipples and the liquid is yellow or green?
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What does it mean if you squeeze your nipple and green liquid comes out?

Go to a doctor.

Is it possible to squeeze milk from your nipples during PMS?

Milk is only produced in a womans breasts after she has given birth. Colostrum is produced during the third trimester of pregnancy. During PMS, you can not squeeze milk from your nipples. Nipple discharge which is white or clear in colour is usually harmless and means there is a build up of progesterone. You will need to see your doctor to be certain about this though. Rusty coloured discharge, bloody discharge and yellow/green discharge is usually infection or more serious.

Is it bad if your nipples hurt and you have vaginal discharge?

The combination is tricky. See, discharge is normal unless it stinks, is yellow or green. About your nipples could be something else, better get correct information from the doctor.

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Why if 5wks 3days pregnant and you squeeze your breast yellow juice comes out?

First, don't be squeezing your breasts. Second, ask a doctor. Yellow or green discharge may mean an infection in the milk ducts.

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