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It couls mean many things. You may be sick, have eaten something bad, or ate food that did not sit well with you. Also,some people get motion sickness in cars, planes, buses, trains, and roller coasters. Pregnant women may experience morning sickness.

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It means you are ill, or have had a mental shock.

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Q: What does it mean when you feel like throwing up?
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How does jazz music affect you?

Makes me feel like throwing up.

What happens when you feel like through in up?

Well, if you mean throwing up, or vomiting, you probably will. I would hang out in the bathroom, ya know, just in case.

What does it mean when you get numb feel like fainting and feel like throwing up?

This could mean that your blood sugar level has dropped and you probably havent eaten in awhile this could also mean that your iron levels are low showing signs of anemia

What is the difference of sick and nauseated?

sick is when ur throwing up or sneezing, have a cold and stuff, and nausteaded is when u FEEL like throwing up

Why would a girl feel like throwing up after sex?

becuase she doesnt like the guy having it with her

What does it mean if you feel like throwing up and you are dizzy cold and your looking pale?

It means that ur period is coming soon or if it hasnt started u have pms

What are possible liver disease symptoms?

When you have liver disease you do not feel well. you are throwing up or feel like you will. You will lose weight pretty fast and you will have pain in your stomach. The pain in your stomach does not help with the feeling nauseous or throwing up.

What does jelly-like vomiting mean. I was drinking heavy last night and when I was throwing up I had some jelly like substances coming out as well?

That's nasty, did you feel it or something? You probably have AIDS.

Every time you swallow you get an sore stomach and sometimes you even feel like throwing up in the morning from it why?

what that's a dumb question!

Why are you sleeping all day but if you eat anything you feel like you're going to throw it back up?

If you are sleeping all day and feel like throwing up anything you eat, you may have an immune disease and you should talk to your doctor about it.

What are signs of throwing up?

Sometimes when you feel like you are going to throw up, you feel-1. your stomach doesnt feel like it normally does2. your mouth feels like there is something really sweet in itThings you should do when you feel like you need to throw up-1. get some sort of mint in your mouth, gum, peppermints, ect.2. when you throw up, do it in the tiolet. It doesnt create a mess!Hope you feel better!

Do you take suboxone when you are already throwing up for withdrawl?

yes, i feel better after