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Loving someone my football coach would use this line all the time to the team

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Q: What does it mean when someone holds you in high regard?
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What does it mean if a girl calls you her favorite often?

If a girl calls you her favorite often, it likely indicates that she values your presence and connection in her life. It suggests that she enjoys your company and holds you in high regard.

When a woman call you her hero?

Being called a hero by a woman can mean that she sees you as someone who is strong, brave, and admirable. It could also indicate that she values your support, protection, and guidance. It is likely that she holds you in high regard and appreciates the positive impact you have had on her life.

What is the definition of the word admirer?

There are several ways in which the word admirer can be applied to a sentence. The definition of this term is someone who has a special regard for someone or something. It can mean love, adoration or even that someone is a worshipper of someone else.

What does the word regard mean?

"Regard" can be a verb meaning to consider or think of something in a particular way, or as a noun referring to respect or admiration for someone or something.

What does regard someone mean?

It means basically, tell that person that I said hello.

What does being referred to as a beloved by a man mean?

Being referred to as a beloved by a man typically signifies a deep affection and emotional connection. It implies that the man holds the person in high regard and has strong feelings of love and admiration towards them.

What does reverential regard mean?

Reverential regard refers to a deep and respectful admiration or feeling of awe towards someone or something. It involves showing honor and esteem towards the object of one's regard.

What does dismissivly mean?

Dismissing someone or something in a way that shows a lack of interest or regard.

What does ferrous soil mean?

Ferrous soil is high in iron content and can be conductive with regard to metal detecting.

What does suspectible mean?

When you imagine something to be true. Distrust, or think someone is guilty. If you suspect someone you regard them as untrustworthy or "fishy" or dishonest; Not what you'd expect.

What does none puto mean?

"None puto" can be translated from Latin to mean "I consider none." It is a phrase used to express that someone does not consider or regard something.

What does it mean if someone says your are brusque and brassy?

Brusque is being short with someone, treating them with little regard or respect. Brassy would be arrogant, possibly insulting