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Q: What does it mean when an basketball player is deactivated?
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What does Stl mean in basketball stats?

the player stole the basketball from another player while they were dribbling

What does set mean in basketball?

Player has stopped

What does c in basketball mean?

center (a player position)

What does esta desactivado mean in English?

It is deactivated.

What does assist mean in nicktoons basketball?

You pass the ball to a player and then that player scores.

Who is the better basketball player Paul pierce or Michael Jordan?

for sure it Micheal Jordan i mean everybody knows that he is like the best basketball player ever I've always dreamed to be a basketball player

What does basketball mean?

Turnover. When the player gets the ball stolen from him.

What does mean in basketball?

Turnover. When the player gets the ball stolen from him.

What does the name theron mean?

best basketball player in the world

What does iPod esta desactivado mean?

the ipod is deactivated

What does meta world peace mean?

the name of a basketball player on the lakers

What is the preparation of being a professional basketball player?

really all it is is practice. i mean you gotta practice in order to be the best and you are going to have to parctice to become a professional basketball player