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When a player is chosen and plays for his national side it was traditional to give him a cap to indicate that fact. Further caps were given for each international match he played in.

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Q: What does it mean when a rugby player is said to have so many caps?
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What does caps mean in football?

The number of caps a player has, represents how many times they have played for their country internationaly.

What does caps mean is soccer?

"Caps" is the number of International Matches a player has played in for their country.

How much does an England rugby Player Earni?

It depends, what sort of Rugby do you mean? League or Union?

What does knock on in rugby mean?

A foul in which a player knocks the ball forward.

What does it mean when a rugby player is called uncapped?

A "cap" is awarded to a player who plays for their international side

Who is the number one rugby player in the world?

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What does possesion mean in tag rugby?

The phrase possesion refers to the team/player carrying the ball

In rugby what does a ruck mean?

A ruck in rugby is when a player is on the field lying down with the ball, and they are required to get up as quickly as possible, and drive the ball towards the opposition.

What does a cap in rugby mean?

Rugby is an English sport that is a version of American Football. The term cap is a metaphorical term to describe an international player's appearance in a game.

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How many countries are participating in the rugby world cup?

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