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Q: What does it mean when a quarterback points at his ears?
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What does TQB mean in fantasy football?

Team Quarterback. You continue to get points for who ever is playing qb for the team.

Your dog points both ears up and together what does this mean?

Usually that means they are trying to listen out for somethion or report danger.

Are points awarded for hitting the quarterback in CFL football?

No, but sometimes you get a lot of cheers from the crowd

What does it mean when a rabbit points their ears in different direction are?

It just means they are listening in different directions. They might just be inquisitive or they might be on the alert for danger.

What does it mean when a quarterback goes 24-for-33?

Means the quarterback completed 24 passes of the 33 attempted.

Who was the quarterback of the 1995 team that scored over 50 points against the Detroit Lions?

Rodney Peete

How do you delete all restore points?

I will box your ears off you Sneaky Pete!

What does ohren mean?


What does it mean when a bunny has its ears up?

It means they are alert. listening. or paying attention. (if the ears are forward) If the ears are pointed back it can mean irritation or anger or fear.

What does you have two ears and one mouth mean?

We have two ears and one mouth.

When a hamsters ears are down does that mean he is sad?

no. it is just how theie ears usually are!!!

What does earless mean?

Earless means without ears.