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this means that in every street the cricket players are there who play 'local cricket' for a district

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Q: What does it mean when a cricket is outside your door in the daytime?
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What does a cricket outside your door mean?

The most common superstition involves a cricket in your home. If you find a cricket in your home, it means good luck.

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Black moths sometimes symbolize death and bad luck. If one lands on your door it could mean that you will have bad luck.

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Maybe someone was just messing with you.

What does it mean to dream a cat come to your and sit there it was a panther cat?

What does it mean to dream a panther cat come to your door and sit outside

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It means to stave off bad fortune. The "wolf at the door" gives the image of something harmful waiting for you to come outside.

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It's the past tense of the verb "to stand". "I stood outside your door for an hour waiting for you."

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What does pp mean in cricket?

PP stands for PowerPlay - which gives a slight advantage to the batting team with the fielding side limited to Two players outside the inner circle.

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when the wolf is at the door you are starving, the outside is coming in and your security is goneIf a hungry wolf is at your door, you are in serious trouble.Trouble has come calling.The "wolf at the door" refers to any danger or predator that seeks to ravage the inhabitants within, ranging from starvation and poverty to physical death.

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When someone puts a chicken bone outside of your door, that means someone is putting a curse on you. To break the curse, pour salt counter-clockwise around your house for protection.

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You mean 'ventas por adentro,' or "ventas locales." Indoor or inside sales means the salesperson is operating from an indoor office or store (local), as opposed to travelling from town to town, door to door, or otherwise working 'outside.'

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It means that you were "coldly" ignored or rebuffed, as though someone shut the door and left you outside in the cold weather.

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If you mean the part of the dishwasher other than the door, it's made of either plastic or stainless steel (whatever the inside is made of, that's the same as the outside). If you mean the door, either painted steel or stainless steel.

What does ball boy mean in cricket?

Ball boys are not used in cricket.

What does pp in cricket mean?

It means power play in 20twenty cricket

What does looking for her in the daytime with a flashlight mean?

it's a metaphor for trying to hard

What is Batology in Cricket?

I dont know what batology is in cricket. But i just did the mean fart!

Which country found cricket?

I am assuming you mean which country founded cricket. There is overwhelming evidence that cricket was founded in the southeast region of England.

What do you mean by cricket is in my blood?

it either means that you are a natural at playing cricket, or someone injected some cricket juice into you while you were sleeping.