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above 500 means that they have won more than half their games

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Q: What does it mean when a baseball teams record is above 500?
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What is the Celtics record against western conference teams?

If You mean this season (07-08) The answer is 22-4 if you mean the franchise record I am clueless.

How many baseball teams are in the big 12?

If you mean the Big 12 college conference..all 12 schools field baseball teams.

What does partidos de beisbol mean?

Translation: Baseball Teams

What does PR mean in baseball?

personal record

What does the baseball term WAR mean?

Wins Above Replacement. How many more more wins a players adds to his team's record than an average backup .

How long is an ending in a baseball game?

You probably mean 'inning.' An inning continues until each team has recorded three outs against the other team. In other words, there is no time limit for an inning in American Baseball; both teams have to record three outs.

What does Intr mean in baseball standings?

That is the record of the team in interleague games.

There are how many teams in Harry Potter film?

by teams I think you mean houses, but I could be wrong. But teams at Hogwarts, there are 4 by teams I think you mean houses, but I could be wrong. But teams at Hogwarts, there are 4

What does 7 up mean is baseball?

It means the game is tied at 7, ie. both teams have scored 7 runs each.

What do the colors of the New York Yankees mean?

Colors of baseball teams have no is just a way to different one team from another.

When the first professional baseball teams wore numbers on their backs what did the numbers mean?

Player numbers were assigned based on their position in the batting order.

What is Mississippi Mud in Major League Baseball mean?

its what the teams rub on each ball every game. Makes it a little more grippy.

What is the rubber game mean in baseball?

It is the last game of a series, when both baseball teams split the previous games. For example, if the series is tied 1-1, the third game would be the rubber game.

How many girls basketball teams are there?

If you mean WNBA teams there are 13

Which teams were in the Battle of Gettysburg?

By "teams" do you mean nations, armies, or specific regiments?

I mean how many teams were there when he won his?

1974 - 26 teams 1975 - 26 teams 1978 - 28 teams 1979 - 28 teams

How many soccer teams do you have?

If you mean "International teams", you've got as much teams as officially recognized by FIFA (Football International Federation Association) : 207 teams (in august 2008) If you mean "professional teams", it's like between 20 and 100 by country which have professionnal league (like 50) But if you mean "teams, local like huge", nothing like France has nearly 10 000 teams (or maybe more)

What teams are the professional on football in Arkansas?

If you mean what professional football teams are there in Arkansas, there are none.

What does bubble teams in college basketball mean?

Teams that are on the verge of being in or out of the NCAA tournament.

What is the biggest lead in Major League Baseball?

Not sure what you mean, but in 2007 the Rangers beat the Orioles 30-3, for a 27-run lead. In 1995, the Indians finished 30 games above the 2nd place Royals, also the record for largest lead by a division winner over the next best team.

What does it mean by 'above and below resonance?

above or below the mean

Is record an adjective or noun?

a record is a noun, but if you mean record, like you record a video, then it's a verb

How many softballs batters must be out before the he team is all out?

Do you mean how many batters are out in an inning before the teams switch offense and defense? Because the answer to that is three, same as baseball. :)

How many cheerleading teams are in the us?

they are like 1.5 milloin teams in the us isn't that alot i mean i didint even now that they had that much cheerleading teams

How are wild card seats determined in nfl?

There are 6 "seeds", or seats, for each of the 2 conferences 4 divisions (north, south, east, west) for each of the 2 conferences. The first 4 seeds are the teams in first place for each division. The other 2 seeds (to make up the 6) are the wildcards. They are the next to teams with the best records regardless of their divisions. They could both even be from the same division which would mean that as many as 3 teams from 1 division could make the playoffs. And it could mean that a wildcard team could have a better record than 1 of the first 4 division leaders. For example, if the winner of the north has a 10-6 record and the second place team in the east is 11-5, the team with the 10-6 record has the higher seed because they lead their division.