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Q: What does it mean when a ball is 'untouched'?
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What is it called when the ball is thrown over a third?


Is there any land in the us still untouched?

If you mean undeveloped, yes. If you mean untouched by human hands, yes.

When the ball is at a thrown in spot and then is passed into the court then goes untouched out of bounds where is the ball placed for the throw in?

Start at the backboard and go thru the hoop.

What does immaculate condition mean?

perfect, flawless, untouched

What does presserved mean?

it means to save or conserve.

What is the most untouched land on earth?

There is no completely untouched land on Earth, however, the continent of Antarctica remains largely untouched, and it is the most untouched land on Earth.

What does the term 'virginal beauty' mean?

Clean, pristine, untouched, unsullied, timeless, naturally, awe-strikingly easy on the eyes.clean, untouched, it pretty much means the beauty of a virgin.

What is the veronicas new song called?

Untouched is their latest song and it rocks Hook me up or untouched Hook me up or untouched

Why is Antarctica the only continent left untouched?

Have you ever heard about cold, I mean really, really cold.

What does naturalement mean?

You probably mean au naturel, which means (depending on the context) "nude" or "in a natural state". Untouched, unadultered, basic, etc.

How do you use untouched on a sentence?

It was brand new, in perfect condition, untouched by anyone.

When was Your Sugar Sits Untouched created?

Your Sugar Sits Untouched was created in 2005.