What does it mean to tug or drag?

Updated: 9/17/2023
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Q: What does it mean to tug or drag?
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What are synonyms of pull?

Tug, drag, tow.

What are other words for drag?

pull, tug,..scrape?

What is a homonym for tug?

Pull, yank, drag .

What is the synonyms for tow?

trail, draw. tug, drag, lug

Another word for pull?

tug, drag, influence, authority

What does tug of love mean?

Tug of love is a term that refers to a conflict of custody over a child.

What does jalar mean in Spanish?

to pull or tug on something!! (:)

What does cloute mean?

its when you tug or pull someones ear

What does this is such a drag mean?

'It's such a drag' means that something really annoys you and troubles you and you dont like it, for e.g. school is such a drag or this exam is such a drag...

Is it Tug-of-War or Tug-a-war?

It's "Tug-of-war". You can also use "Tug o' war."

What force makes a plane fly?

For an airplane to fly, it must always engage in a tug of war between the opposing forces of lift versus weight and thrust versus drag.

What does the idiom drag your feet mean?

To drag your feet is to move slowly. "Don't drag your feet" means hurry up.