What does it mean to gain popularity?

Updated: 9/27/2023
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To gain popularity means to suddenly become popular and have a lot of "followers"

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Q: What does it mean to gain popularity?
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When did Surrealism gain popularity?

In the 1920s.

How did the Taliban gain popularity?

Through Religion.

What website did Bieber gain his popularity on?

You Tube

Where did floor hockey gain its popularity?

Europe, late 1970s.

How did Adolf Hilter gain popularity?

expoliting people's concerns

What were the US political objectives in World War 1?

to gain popularity

Which leader used charisma as a tactic to gain popularity?

hideki tojo

How did Juan Peron gain popularity?

by gining the poor argentineans help

When did the women's ready to wear dress industry gain popularity?

The 1830s

Is the winner of a match determined by popularity?

If by popularity, you mean score, yes. Only in a popularity contest.

Why did emulsions gain popularity in place of dynamite?

In place of dynamite, emulsions gained popularity in the 1990s because of their water resistance and low density

Did emperors pay for bloody fights in the Roman Colosseum to gain popularity?