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This applies ONLY to College Basketball.

The double bonus is when a team has more than 10 fouls in a single half. Every defensive foul after will lead to 2 free throws.

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Q: What does it mean to be in the double bonus?
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When did Double Bonus end?

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When was Double Bonus created?

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When is a high school basketball team in bonus and double bonus?

you are in the bonus after the other team has 7 team fouls and you are in the double bonus after the 10th team foul

What does it mean to have a double bonus in basketball?

when the opposing team gets greater than four fouls in a quarter

What is double bonus basketball?

Bonus is where u shoot one free throw and if you make it you get another one and double bonus is where u shoot two free throws no matter what

What foul is it when a player begins to shoot a double bonus?

Bonus starts when the 7th foul is committed. Double bonus is at 10 team fouls. In single bonus the foul shout is one-in-one. If the first shot is made you get another shot. Double bonus is 2 shots automatically. Bonus means that when a player is fouled and he isn't in the act of shooting he still gets the bonus foul shots.

What year did double bonus start?


How many fouls to get into double bonus?


What happens when in bonus and double bonus?

First off U need 7 team fouls for bonus and 10 team fouls for double bonus. In bonus U get every foul (other than shooting) U get 1 free through and the ball after that. If U get a shooting foul in bonus, every foul shot made U get 2 points. And in double bonus U just get 2x what I just said. Go 76ers! Go Allen Iverson

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When was the double bonus implemented in high school basketball?


How many fouls does it take in basketball to have a double bonus?


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What happens when your team has the double bonus?

A double bonus only applies to college basketball. It is when 10 fouls have been committed in a half, and every foul there on will result in two free throws.

What year did high school basketball introduce double bonus?


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What is the double bonus situation?

The double bonus situation is what a team finds themselves in when they have committed a certain number of fouls during a quarter or a half. In the NCAA the double bonus begins when a team gets their 10th foul of the half. For the rest of that half, whenever they commit a foul the opposition gets to shoot two free-throws.

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