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To be fit means to have a good and healthy body.

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What is FIT?

Erm...FIT?? Do you mean "You are fit" ?? That means that you find someone attractive. (adjective) If you mean FIT by a noun, then I don't know. xoxox

What is a line of fit?

a line of fit mean perfect line.

What does clearance fit mean?

Clearance fit means shoes that are on clearance that fit exactly how you want.

What does Venetia mean?


What does fit mean in 'Joshua fit the battle of Jericho'?


What does they mean by this sentence The doctor says you are fit as a fiddle?

You are fit and healthy!

What does tailored fit in clothing mean?

made for someone to fit them perfectly

What does physically fit mean?

Physically fit means that your body is healthy and strong

What does fit mean on a guy?

being in shape means fit for boys and girls

What is FIT mean in Hotel industry?

FIT MEANS Free Independant Travele

What does induce fit mean?

induce fit- the act of being induceal fitting.

What does this mean alles fit im schritt?

This is Literally, "alles fit im schritt" is "everything fit in step."

What does fit like mean?

a glove

What does fit for purpose mean?

Fit for purpose means good enough to do the job it was made to do.

What does not fit taxable mean on a check stub?

Federal Income Tax (FIT) Taxable

What does peng mean?

# Good looking # fit # sexy # peng-a-leng <<< really fit

What does fit mean on a payroll check stub?

fit = F.I.T. = Federal Income Tax

What does it mean to be Phisically fit?

it means you are fit as in abs or they can lift up something heavy

What does quedan mean in spanish?

It means fit Que zapatos quedan , does the shoe fit

How do you spell fit in past tense?

The past tense of "to fit" is also fit.The term fitted is used to mean sized-to-fit, either tightly or snugly.

Will a 454 from a 1981 Chevrolet half ton fit a 1977 Chevrolet half ton?

Yes, it will fit. By fit, I mean fit in the engine bay. You will have to make modifications.

If your physically fit are you mentally fit?

No, the body and mind are two separate entities, however they do go hand in hand. But because you are physically fit it does not mean you are mentally fit.

What does paroxysm mean?

it means fit of rage

What does the word manuhiri mean?

to fit in to a group

What does adapts mean?

it means to fit or to survive

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