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It means that you are the best of the best in your sport!

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[S]he excels in the sport [s]he participates in

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It mean to be the best player at your position

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Q: What does it mean to be all American athlete?
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Is all American athlete capitalized?

Yes. It should be all-American athlete.

Is 'all-american' an abstract noun?

The word "All-American" as a noun is a proper noun referring to a person, an athlete. So it is a concrete noun.

Do you have to be an American to be a US Olympics athlete?


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This answer may vary depending on what you define as "successful," but generally, Michael Jordan is usually considered the most famous American athlete of his time.

Causes of athlete's food?

i think you mean athlete's foot... damp socks

what native American man is said by many to have been the greatest all around athlete ever in the US?

Jim Thorpe

Who was the first African American athlete?

jackie robinson!

Is Jesse Owens an American Athlete?

Yes, he was a sprinter.

Who is better a track athlete a basketball athlete or a football athlete?

Basketball all the way brahhh

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