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It means you are the third person to run in the race

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Q: What does it mean if your the 3rd leg in your 4X400 relay?
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What is the longest leg on a 4x400?


Who ran in the olympics with a broken leg?

US lead off runner Manteo Mitchell in the 4x400 relay (he had broken his left fibula)

What does it mean if your the third leg in your relay?

It depends on what race you are running. For example In the 4x100 the 3rd leg is your closer he/she is the person who makes up for the lost time if the 2nd leg isn't fast enough and your 4th/ last leg take it home he's/she's your fastest.

What does it mean if you're the first leg in a relay?

It simply means you are the first person on your relay team to run :D

If I'm running 1st leg on the 4x400 and hand off to the 2nd leg have i ran over 400 meters?

Yes, you have because you have to run a complete lap around the stadium

What does it mean when you are first leg in a relay?

typically a relay has four "legs" or four different runners. Each must finish a specific distance (often one lap around course) before next runner can start. The first runner is the "first leg" of the relay.

Is anchor or first leg faster in relay?


What is the distance called that each person runs in a relay race?

Each segment of the relay is referred to as a leg.

What is the anchor leg as in relay swimming or running?

last man

What was the time of Usain Bolts leg of the 4x100 relay?

8.8 secs

How many players are in a relay?

There are typically 4 runners in a relay. Hense the slang for relays such as calling the 3200 relay a 4x800 relay. Each runner is considered a "leg"

Did Mitchell get a silver medal in relay after breaking his leg in the Olympics?

Yes, Yes he did

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