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He's banging a different soccer mom.

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Q: What does it mean if your husband does not want to sit beside you at a soccer game?
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What does fixture mean in soccer?

it means the result of the game or games

What does it mean when a guy calls you soccer babe during a soccer game?

In means he really wants to bum you.

What does pitch mean in soccer?

In soccer, "pitch" refers to the playing field where the game is held. It is a grass or artificial surface where players compete during a match. The pitch is typically rectangular in shape and marked with lines for different areas of play.

What does full time mean in soccer?

Full time is when a game has ended.

What does Full-time mean in soccer?

Full time is when a game has ended.

How do you spell soccar?

The game you mean, also called football, is spelled soccer.

What does crunchtime mean?

the last of the time there is (Ex. In a soccer game there is a maximum time in it so if they were tied like 1 to 1 they would do everything they can to be the winners in the soccer game but its last minute.)

What does mpg mean in soccer?

Minutes per Game

How can you make a goal in soccer?

Do you mean in a soccer video game or in a live soccer match? Either way, the video game was crafted from real live soccer games. Therefore it is best to watch legends and how they make their goals, in order to perfect yours. Same applies to video games.

What does on y pour voir un match de foot mean?

there to see a football (soccer) game.

If englands most played sport is football does that mean soccer or football?

Soccer is the game where you kick the ball, not throwing with the QB. The only COuntry that calls soccer (the one without the QB) is America. In everyother country in the World, they call soccer football.

What does a cote de la mean in English?

"Cote de la" in English translates to "coast of the" or "hill of the" depending on the context.