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Q: What does it mean if a player is ineligible?
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What does ineligable mean?

Ineligible means that for some particular reason you are not permitted to participate in something (activities.) In football, certain players on the field are "ineligible" to receive a pass. If a player who is ineligible catches a pass, a penalty is called. It means that if you were entering anything or something you would not be able to do something (if you were entering a tournament under 12's and you were 15 you would be ineligible to do it.)

What does inelegible mean?

INELIGIBLE means 'not entitled to.' "Minors are ineligible to stand for the office of President." For more information, see Related links below.

What is the meaning of ineligible?

I am assuming you mean Ineligibility, which means you do not qualify for whatever it is you are ineligible for. Usually because you don't meet one of the requirements.

What do they mean you are ineligible to register on addicting games?

you have to be from usa or over 13

What is the Pop Warner rule for ineligible player if player accidentally gets put in play and point is scored?

Use of an ineligible player,even accidentily, must result in the forfeiture of the game he/she participated in. Additionally, the coach and league president of the offending team face suspension from their local league.

What iniligable mean?

Ineligible means not qualified, unacceptable, it doesn't meet the requirements.

What does ineligeble mean?

I think you mean "ineligible", which pretty much means that aren't allowed to do something, usually because you have not met the requirements to do so.e.g. Sam was ineligible to go to the 6th grade because he had failed all of his classes.

What does it mean when you get a red card at the World Cup?

If a player is sent off (shown a red card) then they must leave the field and cannot be replaced. The player is also ineligible to play the next match of the tournament, although his team can field 11 again.

A ineligable player is used in a cal ripken game but is not detected by the other team until the next day is the game a forfeit?

it would depend on why the player is ineligible, if this is because of age, then any game which he played would be a forfeit once his age was determined ineligible. If it is something such as player was subbed in improperly, or was ejected and then re-entered the game -- situations like this would have to be protested during the game and he would either be called out if the umpire was convinced the player in ineligible. If the game is continued with the player after it was protested --- this game would "finish under protest" and after the ruling was made.. the game would either be official or forfeited

What mean ineligible?

i nee help this and if i sent up for facebook is away said you are not inelingible to be in facebook. help me

How do you make a Photobucket account if it says you are not ineligible to register?

If you are not ineligible, then that means you are eligible.

25 percent taint rule?

If 25% of a category is ineligible then 100% will be made ineligible.