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He likes you a lot and wants to get to know you better. if you like him and he likes you become friends BEFORE dating!!!!!!!

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Q: What does it mean if a boy walks you home?
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What does it mean when your boy friend walks another girl home?

# He is a kind boy who cares about all of his friends; and that's all they are, just friends. # He may be developing feelings for her.

If a boy says phh and walks off what does that mean?

Flip2 what do u mean ?

If a boy walks home with you and aks for your phone number and your both sixth graders what does it mean?

to be honest if your in 6 grade relationships don't mean anything. Wait until you are 15 or so to start worrying about serious relationships

What does chez beau mean?

Home boy.

What does home boy mean?

home boy means like best friend or buddy or just someone that you play with or are always with them

What does it mean when a boy stares into your eyes every time he walks by your class room?

He is either interested in you or likes you!

What does it mean if a teenage boy walks towards a girl and his eyes are almost shut?

he is blind tired or nervous

What does it mean if a boy swears at you repeating?

He has poor home training.

When a man walks you home but always stare and smile at you then tells you he likes you what does it mean?

he wants you

Who played the home alone boy?

If you mean the orignal Home Alone movie, then Macaulay Culkin.

Wean he walks me home he stands very close to me does that mean anything?

First thing first, does he offer or is he forced?? It could mean two things. He does like you and is trying to get closer to you or he is trying to be obvious. I think on one of your walks home you should ask who he likes. Oh and if he is walking you home he probably has a crush on you!

What does it mean when you say something mean to a boy and then you cry when you get home?

it probaly means you like him and didnt mean what you said and regret saying it