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A Major League Baseball team optioning one of their players means they are sending a player that is on their 40-man roster back to one of their Minor League Baseball rosters, players that are not on their 40-man rosters are not optioned to one of the team's Minor League rosters instead they will just be re-assigned to their Minor League rosters during Spring Training.

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Q: What does it mean for a baseball player to be optioned?
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What is the median salary of a professional baseball player?

The mean salary of professional baseball player is about $3.2 million per year. The current minimum salary in 2014 for a pro baseball player is $500,000.

What does mvp mean in baseball?

Most Valuable Player

What does it mean when a player is assigned to a baseball team?

they get rich

What is the difference between designated for assignment and optioned for a player in baseball?

Once a player is added to a team's 40-man roster, they have three "option years" - players with option years remaining can be sent down to the minor leagues at no penalty. Once the option years expire, players must be "designated for assignment" if a team wants to send them to the minors, which removes them from the 40-man roster and places them on irrevocable waivers.

In fantasy baseball what does U mean in the player positions?


What does FVal mean in baseball?

If you mean foul, it's when a ball or player is out of play and territory.

What does she slid into her chair like a baseball player making the winning point mean?


What does being in your element mean?

It means to be comfortable with what you are doing or to know what you are doing...for example, if a professional baseball player and an accountant were playing a game of baseball, the baseball player would be in his element, whereas the accountant may be out of his element.

What does it mean when a baseball player is put on reserve on a baseball roster?

when you hear the term reserve in baseball it usually is accompanied by injury. which would be an injury reserve. its the I.R. which just means that the player is unable to play but he is still on the team.

What does Roberto clemente nickname mean?

It means that he is a boss at what he did (baseball player and humanitarian)

What does K mean in basesall?

K in baseball means the player striked out at bat.

What does shortstop mean?

The shortstop is the baseball player between second and third base.

What does it mean when a baseball player points to the stands?

That he plans on hitting a home-run.

What does it mean when it says a player was drafted in the CA round of the baseball draft?

it mean that that one player got taken off one team and put on another team to play on

Can a person who never played baseball know more about baseball than a baseball player?

That depends. Do you mean any given baseball player, or the smartest, most studious baseball player? If you mean the smartest non-player vs. the smartest player, no. If you mean the smartest non-player vs. just anyone who has played the game, then yes. ---- I agree, yet, this is quite a philosophical question. I would sugest that experience pays great dividends in anything. In a sport as complex as baseball, experience is really needed to know the in's and out's of the game. That is not to say that a non-player can't be extreamly knowledgeable. == == Well actually the person who has never played baseball can be smarter than a baseball player if that person who never played baseball studied baseball alot. No some one that has never played dosent know more just because you have to play it to get to really know it ANSWER: Anything is possible but i think it is less likely for a non-baseball player to know more than a player _________________________________________ Same. I truly agree. I play baseball myself and im pretty sure people can out wit me. ---- I agree too. I play baseball and I'm on my high school team and everything but it really helps me when my coach yells out pointers. My coaches have not played baseball. Yea i know a lot of people that might know more

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I'm guessing you mean baseball player, and in that case, I would definitely say Albert Pujols.

Is there an outcasts united movie?

There had been talk about it, but i think it was just optioned in 2009

How does the cerebellum affect a baseball player?

The cerebellum controls balance and coordination, and baseball is 90% about coordination. A excellent cerebellum will mean that a baseball player will have top-notch accuracy when pitching or fielding, and great ability to hit a baseball. If an athlete is able to enhance the cerebellum, they will undoubtly do better at it.

What does started mean in fantasy baseball?

When a player on your team starts the game his team is playing.

What baseball player has the most baseball rings?

If you by rings mean world series rings, then it is Yankee great Yogi Berra, with 10 rings.

What is a baseball player?

A baseball player is a person who plays baseball.

What does safe mean in baseball?

In baseball, when a player is running the bases, if he or she is touching any base (usually with a foot, although a person sliding into base might use a hand instead) that player safe, meaning, he or she cannot be tagged out, and will not be out if the baseball is caught and thrown to the catcher. He or she can remain at the base, and can continue running the next time the baseball is hit, by the next player who is up.

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Perhaps you mean Steve "Mr. Clean" Garvey.

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Probably that a player got one hit in three at bats.

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Ernie Banks is a baseball player. Early Wynn is a baseball player.