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Q: What does it man to be drafted into the military?
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How many people were drafted in World War 2 and didn't want to go?

Nearly any man drafted for the military does not want to go. If he did want to go into the military, he would have enlisted (volunteered) to begin with.

What was the charateristics that the soldgers durng the Vietnam war have to have to ve drafted?

Able bodied US males had to be in good physical condition to meet military standards. When drafted, if the man failed his medical exam, he was classified as 4F, UNFIT for military duty, and rejected from military service.

What does draftee name mean?

a person who is drafted into military service

What are some cons of military draft?

Rich men NOT getting drafted. If Rich men do get drafted; they get the BEST jobs. If Rich men do get drafted; they avoid FRONTLINE duty. Those are the ONLY cons of military conscription; otherwise, every man serves his country...but equally (unless they're physically or mentally unfit).

What date did women get drafted into the military?

Women were never drafted, they joined voluntarily.

What are descriptors?

"Conscripts" during the Vietnam War were constripted men for military duty. Conscription is another word for "Draft." During the Viet War, a "drafted man" was a "conscripted man."

What year was Shel Silverstein drafted to the military?

Shel Silverstein was drafted into the military in 1953.

Can the first born son be drafted?

The first born son in a family certainly can be drafted into the military. When the need is high any male can be drafted into the military.

When a person gets drafted in the Military, can they get rejected?


Can people with schizophrenia be drafted into the military?

ofcorse, where do you think the get their generals from?

Drafted to US military with dual citizenship?

He must serve.

What is a draftee?

Conscription is another name for being drafted into the military.