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(The precise technical term is "argh!")

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Q: What does it feel like to lose by being pinned in a reverse figure four head scissors pin?
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What does it feel like to lose by being pinned in a reverse figure-four head scissors pin?

Probably pretty rotten

How do you make sentence of pinned?

My mother had pinned my dress after it had being ripped

Mythical king punished by being pinned to a fiery wheel?


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The the term refers to a sailor receiving a promotion and subsequent new rank insignia (being pinned on their uniform) in a ceremony conducted aboard the USS Constitution.

What is pinned piece?

A pinned piece in chess is a piece that cannot move or it would result in the more valuable piece behind it being captured by the opponent. The pinned piece is not allowed to move due to the risk of exposing the more valuable piece to capture. This tactical situation limits the effectiveness of the pinned piece and can be strategically advantageous for the player pinning the piece.

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Often, the ribbons being cut are thick and/or wide, so for the sake of ease bigger scissors are required. Also, symbolically, big scissors are easier to see from a crowd.

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Embroidery scissors vary from other normal types of scissors by being shorter and of a slightly different shape to better facilitate trimming the back of embroidery and slice through threads easily.

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I love being a cosmetologist. anyone creative can do this career, as long as your careful with scissors

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Scissors are typically classified as a type of double lever, where the two blades act as the lever arms with the pivot point being the screw that holds them together.