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2005 entry fees were as follows: * Pre-qualify - $4,500 * 1st stage - $4,500 * 2nd stage - $4,000 * 3rd stage - $3,500 You only pay a one time fee, you don't have to come up with these figures each time you enter a new stage. So, if you are pre-qualifying for q-school the whole thing will cost you $4,500. If you have an exemption of sorts that gets you into the second stage it will cost you $4,000.....and so on. 2004's fees were roughly the same. 2006's haven't been set yet and are subject to change from what you see above. You can download a 2005 application to go over with this address: Hopefully it will give you a better idea of what to expect....good luck!

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Basic Fees

The entry fee for a PGA Tour Event has been $100 for a long time. It is the player's responsibility to confirm with each tournament committee that they intend to play that event, and have their application completed and in the tournament office before the deadline for that tournament (usually the week before). They do not have to pay for each day of a 4 day tournament, and they do not have to pay for any practicing they do, or practice rounds they play.

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the average cost is about $3,500 dollars for entry fee and then you must of course take into account your travel, hotel and meals. Your caddy is also an expense above and beyond the standard 10% of your winnings. Fortunately we all have sponsors who pick up the tab on most if not all of these expenses. Playing PGA tour Golf can be expensive, that's why we all want to make the cut so we can get a check.

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Q: What does it cost to play the PGA Golf tour?
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