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A hook shot is when the ball is thrown to the basket over one shoulder of the player who is handling the ball.

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To throw the Basketball towards the hoop. This is usually called shooting, or taking a shot.

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hanging from the rim and making it

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Q: What does hook shot mean in basketball?
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What shot is the safest shot in basketball?

Bank Shot

What is one of the oldest basketball shots?

Hook shot

What is one of the oldest shots in basketball?

hook shot

What are the four basic kinds of shooting in basketball?

Arked Shot, Granny Shot, Hook Shot, Balanced Shot

What famous shot in basketball did kareem abdul-jabbar perfect?

The Sky Hook.

What are the 6 different shots in basketball?

the one-hand set shot, jump shot, free throw, three-point shot, hook shot, lay-up and runner :)

Did Rob Dyrdek get part of DC for a Basketball shot?

it was a hook shot. they showed it on fantasy factory! im not sure how far back he was but i did see it...

What does shot mean in basketball?

The word shot in basketball or (NBA) means an attempt to score either two or three points.

What does a Suburban jump shot mean in basketball?

White Boy jump shot

How many hooks on a basketball rim?

There is no such thing. That is probably just a term for a hook shot that hits the rim and bounces in the basket.

What is the name of the shot in basketball that is made from a set line?

i think you mean a foul shot (free throw)

Who invented the basketball hook shot?

Frank Keaney, the University of Rhode Island's first basketball coach. That is why the URI Rams' nickname is the "Running Rams"