What does hog line mean in curling?

Updated: 12/3/2022
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Q: What does hog line mean in curling?
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Who put lights on curling stones?

It is a display of the state of sensors in the ice and stone. If the stone has not been released by the time it reaches the hog line, the light will turn red and the stone must be removed from play.

Where is light on curling stone handle?

The lights are on the lower round plastic part of the handle, just in front of and to either side of where the actual part you grab meets it. The lights are used to indicate hog line violations. The "hog line" is the thick line running across the sheet 15 feet out from the house. The rock must be released from the shooter's hand before the rock reaches the hog line. If the rock is not released in time, it's called a "hog line violation" or "hogged rock," and the rock must be removed from play immediately, with no do-over of the shot. It used to be that an official would sit at the hog line and watch for violations, but that was subject to human error. Now, at major national and international competitions, electronic touch-sensitive handles are used instead. Green lights illuminate if the rock is released before the hog line. Red lights flash if the rock is not released in time.

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