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GT : Grand touring --> a higher performance, higher quality automobile.

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Q: What does gt stand for on a car?
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What does the gt stand for on the gt grand prix?

with almost any make car gt usually stands for grand touring

What does the GT stand for in car models?

Gran Turismo (grand touring).

Is the ford gt a muscle car or sports car?

The Ford GT is a Sports Car.

What does GT'' stand for in dragonball gt?

Grand Tour.

What does GT stand for in Mustang GT?

Grand Turismo

In a mustang GT what does the GT stand for?

grand turismo

What does the GT stand for in Suzuki GT550?

GT is often used to show that a car is a high performance type of car. GT means Gran Turismo in Italian, which in English means Grand Touring. Even though these cars are high performance, they are not used for racing, those cars are a different class.

What does gt mean in grand am gt?

The letters GT stand for Grand Touring

When did Sports Car GT happen?

Sports Car GT happened in 1999.

What are the example of innovations?

bike --->train---->car----->boat------->planes

When was Sports Car GT created?

Sports Car GT was created on 1999-04-30.

Where wound you find an unbalanced force?

In anything that is currently moving. (>>>(car)<) Car moves -> movement of wheels/friction

Can you sue the car dealership if the deal was denied from the bank?

No! its not the dealerships fault.!>!!>!:)>)>)

What does GT in dragonball GT stand for?

DBGT= Dragon Ball Got Trolled

What does mustang gt stand for?

I heart somewhere that gt stands for grand touring

Is shrink wrapping a car vandalism?

Yes. >_>

Is a ford gt a muscle car or a sports car?

GT is definitely a sports car/super car first, but can be considered a muscle car because of it power/weight, straight line performance.

Did the first car have a sun roof?

no <><><> The first car did not have a roof at all.

Draw the energy transfer diagram for a car?

kainatic energy ------------------->moving car------------------------>light energy

What does gt stand for in school?

Gifted and Talented.

What is the fastest Ford car?

ford gt 40 or ford gt

Is a Ford gt a mustang?

No Ford Gt Is A Different Model The Mustang Is A Muscle Car And The GT Is A Sports.

Which car is the world's fastest car?

Hennessey Venom gt

How do i tell if my 1999 grand prix gt is supercharged?

if you dont know if your grand prix gt is supercharged you should sell it. but if you knew anything about anything then stand outside of your car by either front wheel look on the bottom front of the door and if it says GTP then its supercharged otherwise gt is naturally aspirated.

Is the Pontiac g6 gt a model of car?

Yes. The Pontiac G6 GT is a car that is produced by Pontiac. It is considered a sports car even though it is a compact family car. The engine is a v6 though.