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He was the first ever FTW (F**k the World) ECW (Extreme Championship Wrestling) Heavyweight Champion, and he won 13 belts before he joined the WWF/E (3 time ECW World Heavyweight Champion, 2 time FTW ECW Heavyweight Champion, 3 time ECW World Tag Team Champion, 2 time ECW Television Champion, a 1 time IWCCW [International World Class Championship Wrestling] Light Heavyweight Champion, a 1 time CWA [Century Wrestling Alliance] Light Heavyweight Champion and [disputed] an Empire States Heavyweight Champion in amateur wrestling. He technically also has 14, due to being an ECW Triple Crown Champion. The Triple Crown is counted as his 13th, as the WWF then nullified his third ECW World Tag Team Championship reign).

So, in short, FTW is for the championship he created and 13 is for the titles he's won.

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βˆ™ 2012-04-28 10:16:49
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Q: What does ftw 13 mean from taz the wrestler?
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