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' means feet as well as minutes and " means seconds

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Q: What does ft mean in timing soccer games?
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Soccer pictures and measurement of the soccer's net?

24 ft. wide, 8 ft. high, 4 ft. at the bottom- This is the standard measurement for a soccer net.

What is the height and width of a soccer net?

8 ft high and 24 ft wide

What does ft stand for in a soccer game?

Ft is full time

Largest soccer shirt?

The worlds largest soccer shirt is 168 ft. it is enough to cover the statue of liberty.

How do you find the volume of a soccer field?

A soccer field us a two dimensional item and does not have a volume. If you wanted the volume of a soccer field , 1 ft deep, you could do that.

What is the torque specs on a 305 timing cover?

17 ft./lbs

Have professional soccer goals always been 8 ft by 8 ft?

No they were smaller, but made bigger to have more goals scored.

What is a soccer dimension?

A soccer field's dimension varies according to the age. The length can be anywhere from 100-130 ft and the width can be anywhere from 60-100 ft. A soccer field cannot be square though so if the length of the field is only100ft the width must be a maximum of 99ft. A professional soccer field is usually 60-120 or 70-130.

What are torque specs on smallblock Chevy timing chain?

25 ft/lbs.

How much to change a Honda Civic timing belt?

$250 in Ft. Wayne, In.

What is the timing degrees for a jetta 90 engine 1.8?

60 - 75 ft lbs.

What is the average distance a soccer goal a made?

You mean between the goalposts? The standard distance is 22 ft. The goal is 8 ft high, and 10 ft deep. There are 6 yards between the goal and the small box, 18 yards between the goal line and the goal box, 60 yards between the goal line and the half, and 120 yards between both goal lines (length of the field). A soccer field is also 80 yards wide.