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Free Throw

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Q: What does ft mean in basketball?
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What does FT in basketball mean?

free throws

Basketball court dimension?

For the NBA, the dimensions of a basketball court are 94 ft. by 50 ft. For International Basketball (FIBA) the court is 28 m by 15 m. For high school basketball, the court is 84 ft. by 50 ft. Baskets are always 10 ft. off of the ground.

How long is the Basketball Court?

it is 94 ft. by 50 ft.

How tall is an average basketball hoop?

A basketball hoop is 10 ft.

What are the dimensions of a high school basketball court?

The dimensions of a high school gym's basketball court are 84 ft by 50 ft.A Junior High School's basketball court is 74 ft. by 50 ft.NBA basketball courts are each 94 ft. by 50 ft.a high school b ball court is 80' long and 50' wide

What is the perimeter to a basketball court 92 ft long and 46 ft wide?

The perimeter of a basketball court 92 feet long and 46 feet wide would be 284 feet long.

How big are NBA basketball nets?

basketball nets are 10 ft high

Basketball hoop hight?

A normal basketball hoop is 10 ft tall.

How long away is the three point line in basketball?

3 FT 3 FT 3 FT

What is the size of a high school basketball court?

84 ft by 50 ft

What is the height iof the basketball hoop in men's professional basketball?

10 ft high

How high is a basketball goal?

10 ft.

How tall are basketball hoops?

10 ft.

How tall is basketball goal?

10 ft.

The height of a basketball net?

10 ft

What height of a basketball basket?

10 ft.

What is the size of a basketball court?

94 ft. by 50 ft. for college and NBA, 84 ft. by 50 ft. for high school and 74 ft by 42 ft for elementary school.

How big is an average indoor basketball court?

the average basketball court is 94 ft by 50ft

How high is does basketball hoop have to be?

An average basketball hoop is 10 ft

What is the height of a standard basketball post?

The basketball rim is exactly 10 ft 0 in. high

What does FGA mean in basketball stats?


How many feet does the three point in basketball?

NBA-23 ft. NCAA-21 ft. High School-19 ft.

What is a scale drawing of a basketball court?

114 ft

How tall is a NBA basketball net?

its about 10 ft

How high is the NBA basketball hoop?

10 ft

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