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A Fried Egg or a Fried Egg Lie, is a golfing term. First off the term plugging needs to be explained. When a Golf ball is plugged it means the ball sticks into the ground either in soft dirt, mud or in sand like in a sand trap. A good portion of the ball will be embedded into the ground instead of resting on top of the ground. A lie refers to where the ball is lying on the golf course. There are good lies and bad lies. A plugged ball is a very bad lie. A fried egg or a fried egg lie is when a golf ball lands in a sand trap and plugs into the sand. The sand splashes away from the ball and with only a portion of the ball visible it gives the appearance of a fried egg. The term only applies to a plugged ball in sand and almost exclusively to sand traps.

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Q: What does fried egg mean in jargon?
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