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purposely hit some one

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Q: What does flagrant foul mean in a basketball game?
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When a player gets a foul in basketball does that mean they did something wrong?

In Basketball, a foul, is a penalty for doing something against the rules of the game.

What does pf mean in basketball?

personal foul

How can 1 man score 50 points in a basketball game and not foul out?

Just because you score doesn't mean you foul. You can score 75 points and never commit a foul. It is unlikely but it can happen.

Does calling out piece while playing basketball mean foul?

No retards

What does foul mean in basketball?

it means they fouled on someoe,like they pushed!!

What does holding mean in basketball?

I think your thinking of FOOTBALL there's NO call in basketball called "holding" you can hold someone In basketball but the ref well call foul ...

What is the name of the shot in basketball that is made from a set line?

i think you mean a foul shot (free throw)

What does MPG mean in basketball?

In basketball, MPG = Minutes per game.

What is Home Game of basketball mean?

the game is at their home court

What are the five personal fouls in basketball?

I'm not sure what you mean but When you personally get 5 fouls, you have to sit off but usually on your 4th foul, the people scoring let you now that u only have 1 foul left before you are "fouled off". This happens rarely in friendly basketball games but its happened to me before { on my first game }. Hope this helps?

What does a technical foul for taunting in basketball mean?

It means that a player was taunting (making fun of, instigating, egging on) and that results in a technical foul. A free throw for the other team plus possession after.

What is a field goal in basketball mean?

any basket that is made when the defense is defending (ie not a free throw/foul shot)

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