What does fa u mean?

Updated: 11/21/2022
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Q: What does fa u mean?
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What do you sing if you are to sing the so-fa syllables?

If u mean what notes then so=G, fa=F

Who will win fa cup?

Man u!

What does FA mean for example he has FA degrees?

Federal of Arts

What does the FA in Fullmetal Alchemist FA mean?

Fullmetal Alchemist~ (right?)

What does FA mean in softball stats?

There is no standard stat with the abbreviation of FA.

What does ia fa mean in Samoan?

Ia fa - So bye

Do you need a qualification to be a footballer?

yes u have to get your FA badges :)

What does vous allez fa-ire mean?

Salut: "You are going to do" (but there is no - between fa and ire.

What is full form of FA?

FA CUP mean Football Association Challenge Cup

How many FA cups did MAN U win?

Manchester United have won the FA cup a record 11 times to date.

What does Matsu higa no tong fa mean?

tong fa kata of matu higa no. no joke

What does Colt pt fa mfg mean?

pt (patent) fa (firearms) mfg (manufacturer)