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To go past the expected result, e.g. timmy was predicted a B but he exceeded his target and got an A :)

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Q: What does exceed mean?
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What does deliverable does not exceed 3 typed double-spaced mean?

It means doesn't exceed 3 pages that are double spaced.

What does out-Heroded Herod mean?

to exceed in violence or extravagance

What do economists mean by scarcity?

Economisist mean that unlimited wants exceed limited resource...

What does hi ho mean?

A person attempting to exceed expectations.

What dose exceed mean?

Exceed means to go over a limit. i.e. This year, we exceeded the limit of how much money we were supposed to raise for a charity.

What does creating exceptional Guest Experience Mean?

Exceed the customer's expectations!

In Economics, what does scarcity mean?

Wants and desires will always exceed the resources available to fulfill them.

What does it mean to an economy if exports exceed imports?

exports more than it imports

What does infringed mean?

To transgress or exceed the limits of; violate;infringed a contract; infringed a patent.

Is exceed a verb?

Yes, the word exceed is a verb.

What is the sentence for exceed?

I don't want people to exceed with their expectations.

A sentence with the word exceed?

By working hard, you can exceed my expectations.

Cheque is returned due to exceed arrangements?

Exceed arrangement

What does outstripping mean?

outstrpping is when x exceed y. like for example as supply excees demand then there is outsripping.

What does it mean to exceed customers needs and expectations and why is this important?

When you exceed customer needs and expectations you go above and beyond what is expected. You give customers a reason for wanting to return, to use your services again, or to purchase more items.

What is a sentence for exceed?

I can exceed more than I exceeded last week.

What is the antonym of exceed?

The antonym of exceed should be receed because anything such as deceed has not yet made to the dictionary The antonym of "exceed" can't be "receed", since that is not a word. It is not "recede" either. There is no antonym listed for "exceed".

What does the math term exceed mean?

be greater in number or size than (a quantity, number, or other measurable thing)

What does it mean when a guy says you exceed his expectations and are unforgettable?

You are better then he thought and he will never forget you or what ever happened:) it a compliment! :)

What does Excel and exceed mean?

Excel means to do really well and surpass expectations, outdo, imply being better than whereas to exceed means to go further than expected limits, to go beyond in size or quantity.

Why numbers cannot exceed 9?

the number that cannot exceed neni is Q

A sentence for exceed?

I often exceed my teacher's expectations by going above and beyond.

What does the income to debt ratio have to not exceed in the Air Force?

Cannot exceed 40%

When did Generation of Chaos Exceed happen?

Generation of Chaos Exceed happened in 2003.

What is it called when exports exceed imports?

A trade surplus is when exports exceed imports.

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