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ERA stands for a pitcher's earned run average.

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Q: What does era stand for on a baseball card?
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In baseball what does era stand for?

Earned Run Average

What does the SH stand for on your baseball card?

SH - Season HighlightsPitching StatisticSHO - Shutouts

What does PC stand for in a baseball card?

personal collection i pc mickey mantle and yogi berra

What information goes on a baseball trading card?

batting average home runs team name RBI era

What does bsrn stand for on the back of a baseball card?

BsRn stands for Baserunning in SABRmetric circles. It's a measure of a player's relative value to his team as a baserunner. I've never seen it on the back of a baseball card.

What does ERA stand for?

era stands for the time of discovery of a place.

What is the relevance of the number on the back of a baseball card?

Nothing, the # on the back of a Baseball card is the card # in the baseball card set. Ex. My baseball card has the # 278 on the back of it. So my card is the 278th card in the set.

What do the letters PERC stand for in applying for a perc card?

PERC stand for Permanent Employment Registration Card

What does CEU stand for?

It means "year one of the Current Era" (or Common Era).

What does CE stand for in the date 570 CE?

Common Era (or Current Era).

What do the letters ERA stand for?

They can stand for the Equal Rights Amendment. They also stand for Earned Runs Average.

How much is the Matt Cain by the letter signiture card worth?

the baseball card market is very fickle. it all depends on individual player performance. if Matt Cain has an ERA of 4.50 or above and less than 10 wins in his last season, the card is worth only 10 dollars. on the other hand, if he has an ERA of 2.50 or above and has a 20 win or above season, the card will be worth 100 dollars or above.