What does enviromental variation mean?

Updated: 10/19/2022
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enviromental variation means what impact the enviroment has on the way you look for example if you have darker skin then many people it could be due to the heat of where you was brought up in, or the colour of your hair as the sun has shone on it, hope this helps:)

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Q: What does enviromental variation mean?
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Is the length of a hair an example of inherited or enviromental variation?


What does an enviromental quality survey show us?

The variation in the quality of the environment from place to place.

Main difference between inherited variation and enviromental variation?

Inherited variation is what is passed on through genetics, for example, your eye color. Environmental variation is influnced by the environment, for example, scars or clothing styles.

What does 'enviromental problems' mean?

issue means problem

Determine Coefficient of variation from the mean and standard deviation?

Coeff of Variation = Mean/SD

Which measure of dispersion represents variation from the mean?

Are you talking of this in means of Statistics? If you are, then the variation from the mean is measured in standard deviation.

What does Variation mean in music?

variation in music is when it starts at panio and ends in fortay

What is the meaning of measurement of variation?


What does 'environmental variation' mean?

'Environmental variation' refers to the differences in environmental conditions such as temperature, humidity, or nutrient availability within a specific ecosystem or location. This variation can have significant impacts on the growth, behavior, and reproduction of organisms in that environment. Factors contributing to environmental variation can include natural processes, human activities, and climate change.

What does the term shared variation mean?

variation means to be different also the meaning is used in science

What does enviromental mean?

it means that there are lots of surroundings

What does physical human and environmental geography mean?

it is the study of human natuarl. not sure of enviromental g means.