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Each side is equally capable of hitting the ping pong ball as the other.

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Q: What does each side of a ping pong paddle do?
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Which side of the paddle in ping pong do you hit with?

You can hit the ball with either side of the racket (paddle) as long as it has an authorised covering on it. Also, one side must be red and the other side black. If a side does not have an authorised covering, but is painted red or black instead, you cannot use that side to hit the ball.

Why is the game called ping pong?

The game ping pong is also knows as table tennis and has been played for centuries. It got its name from the sound the ball makes as it hits each side of the table.

What do they mean by 1 sheet of rubber for a ping pong paddle Does that mean it will cover both sides or just one?

One sheet of rubber will cover one side of a blade.

What are the steps in ping pong serving?

toss the ball in the air, swing your paddle and hit the ball on your side of the table, it must bounce over the net and hit the other side of the table to be a valid serve.

Where do you get the ping pong balls from the best game ever?

You can find the ping pong balls from Trent (on the left side of Duncan), Duncan, Owen (left side of the kitchen), and Harold.

Can you stand on the side of a ping pong table while playing a game?


What is on the inside of a ping pong ball?

In side of a ping pong ball, there is nothing except a vacuum of air. Also, there is a flammable liquid, which is used by daredevils to make smoke grenades

Can you step to the side of the table to return the ball in ping pong?

Yes. You can step to the side of the table to return the ball.

If the ping-pong ball hit the corner of the opponent side after a serve what happen?

point for the server

In ping pong-do you always serve from the right side?

No. You only have to serve from the right hand side if you're playing doubles.

How do you mount ping pong net?

There is a bracket on each side that you screw into the bottom of the table. There should be directions if you buy a new net. Then you have to make sure the net is tight.

How can you prove that the moon rotates?

Take a ping pong ball and mark an 'X' on it. This 'X' will represent the side of the moon we can see in the night sky from Earth. Naturally, the opposite side of the ping pong ball will represent the side we cannot see from Earth (the far side of the moon). Get a basketball. This will represent the Earth. Take the ping pong ball and make the 'X' face the basketball. Move the ping pong ball around the basketball while keeping the 'X' facing the same direction you started with-do not rotate the ping pong ball. You are simulating the moon orbiting the Earth. If you watch where the 'X' is while the ping pong ball is circling the basketball, you will notice that at some point, all sides of the ping pong ball will end up facing the basketball-this is also what would happen if the moon did not rotate. We would be able to see all sides of the moon. The ping pong ball is not rotating hence we would be able to see all sides of the moon (including the far side). We cannot see about one-half of the moon at any time so we know that it must rotate-it's just that one side is always facing us (due to tidal locking).

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