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Literally "obscured" or "erased".

In direct connection with Ballet, it means "open" as when your legs do not cross each other; they are "open" to the audience. The opposite of efface is croise or "crossed."

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Q: What does doess efface means in ballet?
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Efface means to rub out or wipe out. Used in a sentence: As a black president, Obama wishes to efface many prejudices against African American.

How do you use efface a sentence?

Efface means to rub out or wipe out. Used in a sentence: As a black president, Obama wishes to efface many prejudices against African American.

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What does releve mean in ballet?

Releve means to rise in ballet.

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What ballet term means to bend?


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What does A la quatrieme means in ballet?

It means "to the fourth (position)"

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What are the six basic directions of movement in classical ballet?

There are actually 8. Croise devant, quatrieme devant, ecarte devant, efface devant, a la seconde, epaule devant, quatrieme derriere, croise derriere.

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What is the definition of artistic dance?

This means it tells a story (like ballet). * artistic dance means to tell a story * like ballet

What does allong means in ballet?

I think you mean allonge, which means to elongate or stretch out.

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Verb:Erase mark from a surface.Make oneself appear insignificant or inconspicuous.

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a trick or moving

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Is ballet French?

The words used in ballet are French, such as pas de chat which means 'step of a cat' or plié which is when you bend your knees.

What does shasa mean for ballet?

"Chasse" literally means "to chase" in an English/French conversion. In ballet, it is where you "chase" one foot after the other.