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A defensive player in soccer helps the goalie save goals. There are some differences though, a goalie can use their hands to save goals and a defensive player can only use their body aka chest, thighs, feet, head.

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2010-09-02 14:27:35
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Q: What does defensive player do in soccer?
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Can a defensive soccer player score?


Can a defensive player score in soccer?

Yes. Any player on the pitch can score in soccer including goalkeepers.

What sport has strikers and sweepers?

Soccer (football) - A striker is an attacking player, and a sweeper is a defensive player who moves across the defensive line.

Who is the best female defensive soccer player?

The best female soccer player is Marta Vieira de Silvu

What is stopper in soccer?

The center defensive player, slightly positioned further behind the rest of the defenders.

Recommended skills for a soccer player?

Recommended skills for a soccer player are: Defensive Skills Attacking Skills Positioning Skills Shooting Skills Passing Skills Strategy Skills

Who is Richard mulrooney?

He is an American football (soccer) player. He currently plays as a defensive midfielder for the Houston Dynamo.

What does the number 6 mean on a soccer player's shirt or What position does that player have?

A player with the number 6 is usually a defensive midfilder. However, the number can be worn by any player.

Best defensive midfielder in soccer?

Jordan zeal

When a defensive player catch a pass?

When a defensive player catches a pass

What does the number 4 mean in soccer?

In traditional soccer numbering, 4 is the central defensive midfielder.

What happens when an offensive player charges a defensive player already in stance but the defensive player doesn't fall down is this a foul on the offensive player or a foul on the defensive?

This is a foul on the offensive player. The defensive player does not have to fall down in order to get a charge called

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