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designated batter

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Q: What does db mean in softball?
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What does dB in noise means?

dB mean Decibel.

What is dB mean in signal amplifier?

dB is the abbreviation of Decibel

What is DB mean on a college transcript?

what does DB stand for on grades

What does a run mean in softball?

In softball a run is when you score.

What does dB mean in physics?

dB stands for decibel and is used to measure sound intensity in acoustics

What does db mean on a military id card?

'DB' is short for 'Date of Birth.'

What does DB stamp mean on a ring?

no lead

What does the abbreviation DB mean in a text?


What does db mean in football?

defensive back

What does 'r' mean in softball stats?

"R" in softball stats stands for runs

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How do softball pitch?

underhand? what do you mean?

What does ko mean in softball?

knocked out

What does out mean in softball?

youre out from hitting

What is the dB rating for pain threshold?

If you mean the sound pressure level that causes pain, it is about 120 dB SPL.

What does this mean db side?

double side dude

What does Dw db mean in acoustics?

Dw. db means weighted amount variance between rooms in acoustics. db is actually short for decibel, the unit for sound.

How many injuries are there in softball?

whatcha mean?

What does 2BB in softball mean?

2 walks

What does AB mean in softball stats?


What does PO mean in softball stats?

put out

What does GP mean in softball?

Games Played

What does E mean in softball stats?


What does this mean 45 db?

45 decibels (meausurement of sound)

What does the letter grade DB mean?

Don & Bradstreet this is the meaning