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Q: What does david nelsons real sons do for a living?
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What culture does the surname Nelson come from?

Many Nelsons come from Scandinavia - lots of people named Neil and Nel having sons there. There are also Nelsons in Britain from the Scottish Clan Neilson or Nelson.

What is David tuas sons name?

David Tua's sons are called Klein and Kaynan

Sons of Anarchy are the tattoos real?

Almost all are make-up apart from Happy (David Labara) who is a real tattoo artist and Hells Angels member.

Who is Barbara parks sons?

barbara park's sons are steven and david parks

David had killed Uriah the law demanded a fourfold restitution How did king David's sons die?

Sons from which wife?

How many sons did David Livingstone have?

David Livingstone had two sons Robert and Thomas. See more information on David Livingstone at

Did david livingstone only have sons?

no, he had three sons and two daughters

What are the names of Sir David Frost's 3 sons?

Sir David Frost's sons were named Miles, Wilfred and George.

Which of king david's sons ruled after him?

King David had many sons, as he had several wives and concubines. And the son that followed king David on the throne was king Solomon.

Who founded the real sons of anarchy?

There are no real sons of anarchy. The entire gang is a work of fiction. While there are real motorcycle clubs out there none are called sons of anarchy.

How many sons did david livingstone have i dont know?

Three sons and three daughters.

In the story David how many sons of Jesse does Samuel inspect before he discovers David?

Samuel inspected seven of Jesse's sons before God told him David was to be the anointed one.