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Q: What does david beckham do in his spare time outher than football?
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What does Cornelia Funke do in her spare time?

play football

What does chipmunk the singer do in his spare time?

Play football (soccer)

Wha does Taylor Lautner like to do in his spare time?

Taylor Lautner likes to play football or baseball in his spare time.

What are David Archuleta's spare time?

In David's spare time (which he doesn't get much of) he likes to spend time with his family, play Guitar Hero, listen to music, and run/work out.

Can you get spare pads for a football helmet?

yes, you can get them on the internet or at your local sporting goods.

Does David Henrie work out?

David Henrie is an actor from the television series "Wizards of Waverley Place." He does spend some of his spare time working out.

What do honduran adults like to do in their spare time?

From the ones I know, they like to play "football" or as we call it, soccer.

What does he like to do on his spare time?

Barack plays a lot of golf in his spare time. He also spend a lot of time with his daughters and wife.

What actors and actresses appeared in Spare Change - 2004?

The cast of Spare Change - 2004 includes: Benjamin Ayres as Myles Gina Christopher as The Wife in the Dryer David Nykl as Joel

What do the dads in Africa do?

Dads in Africa love football so um they probably play it during their spare time.

What sport does brodhi play?

Brodhi plays football for South Gambier and Golf and in his spare time chases the biddies.

Is Dave folder gay?

Yes he has a major crush on David Cameron to a point where he has a shrine in his spare room.