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D is regular, R is wider than D, C is narrow, E is wide and EE is widest.

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Q: What does d stand for in ice hockey skates?
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How do you tell if you should buy E or D ice skates?

hockey skate sizes work with numbers and letters. the letter indicates the width of the skate. E is a wider skate than D. In any case you should always try on hockey skates before buying them to make sure they fit comfortably. Many hockey stores will have microwaves to help mould skates to fit your feet. If you buy skates online make sure you try on skate sizes at a local store to know for sure what size you are.

What does ee mean in ice hockey skates?

The EE is a reference to the width of the skate. Skates come in a standard D width which is your regular or normal width. E is slightly wider than a standard D and EE is the widest that retail hockey skates will be made. Reference the skate size chart below to help with sizing.

When was D. J. Smith - ice hockey - born?

D. J. Smith - ice hockey - was born on 1977-05-13.

Does the letter r in ice hockey skate sizes mean regular which is also d?


Is figure skating and ice skating different?

Speed skating is based on skating for speed, not style. Figure skating is the opposite, as it skates for style and not always speed. Speed skating requires: -Lower cut boot, almost like a shoe -Longer blades than artistic skaters -the objective is to go fast, not to impress the judges Figure skating: -based on competing in a number of levels and elements -consists of jumps, spins and footwork -artistry and difficulty are considered when judging -higher cut boot -regular length blade, but with a toe pick and edges

When did ice hockey become Canada's national sport?

This morning. April 4, 2012. (: Hope this helps. :D

What hockey equipment do you need to start on a team?

To start a hockey team you will need: A helmet (with a cage if playing Junior), neck guard, shoulder pads, elbow pads, a jersey, jock or Jill (gender dependent), hockey pants, gloves, hockey stick, shin guards, skates, hockey socks, oh and a couple hundred bucks! *this is the equipment needed for Alberta minor hockey* hope it helps! :D

What is the sport ice hockey?

Ice hockey is a sport in which the objective is to get a small black disc (or puck) into the opposing team's net (or over the goal line) using their stick. This sport consists of four positions: Center (1), forward (or offense) (2), D (or defense) (2), and a goalie. Both teams line up at center ice until the referee drops the puck. For more on positions, look up "What are the positions in ice hockey?"For information on hockey regulations, ask the question, "What are the basic rules of ice hockey?"Hope this helped

To whom is Hilary Duff married?

MIKE COMRIE, hes a Canadian ice hockey player for the Edmonton Oilers :D

Any other sports invented in Germany besides ice hockey?

Germany did not invent ice hockey... It was invented by the native Americans of Canada, who played a game called shinny that later developed into ice hockey.

Describe hockey breakout D to D to center?

In hockey you have 4 positions. Goalie, Center, Defense and Winger. Defense is frequently refered to as "d". A D to D to center breakout basically means: one defense gains control of the puck and passes it to the other defense (D to D). The center is now "curling" (basically heading up the ice, towards the offenseive end). The defense then passes the puck to the center (D to center).

Which action indicates a hockey player is playing defense?

the player stays back to protect the teams goal.