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what does cycling mean

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2013-04-29 17:28:24
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Q: What does cycling mean on a aquarium?
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Can you put more salt water in a aquarium while it is cycling?

You can do a water change while it is cycling, but that might slow down the process.

What is an established aquarium?

An established aquarium is an aquarium that has gone through the nitrogen cycle. This is not "established" it is a "cycled" aquarium. The stage after cycling where the plants are reproducing and fish are growing successfully is an "established" aquarium. See related question on the nitrogen cycle.

What does ciclismo mean in English?


What does aquarium mean?

aquarium means: alot of water surrondering the fish that live in it.

What does pecera mean?

fishbowl, aquarium

What is Aquarium Sand?

You mean substrate?

What does jai des poissons dans un aquarium mean in french?

I have fish in an aquarium

How much is it to go to the aquarium for an adult?

That honestly varies from aquarium to aquarium. I would say maybe $10-$20 or so? Please be more specific WHICH aquarium you mean?

What does up cycling mean?

up cycling is not related to the sport of cycling. It is like recycling, but to re use the item to create something better/improve on it

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Why is the aquarium considered a mini-ecosystem?

An aquarium is considered an ecosystem because everything in it can live in the aquarium. Changes in the aquarium can mean life or death for the fish just as in the real world.

Should the water in a saltwater aquarium that is cycling be changed?

When I am cycling a tank, fresh or salt, I do not change the water. I maintain the water level (and the salinity), but I never change it. The goal is to let the bacteria build up and eat the bad stuff, so physically removing the bad stuff will only delay the cycling process.

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